Use biovoxxel-tool "Watershed Irregular Features" from a macro

I want to use biovoxxel tool “Watershed Irregular Features” from a maco, yet, the macro recorder gives me only

run("Watershed Irregular Features")

I tried

run("Watershed Irregular Features", "erosion cycle number=2 separator size=20-Infinity");

to include the options, but that doesn´t seem to do the trick.
Is this possible at all? @biovoxxel

When I run it, the macro recorder works fine.

Below is an example of the read out I get.

run("Watershed Irregular Features", "erosion=50 convexity_threshold=0 separator_size=0-Infinity");

Thank you for testing. Very strange. I can confirm that I get the same recording now.

I have no clue how I managed to produce this

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Dear @MartinH,

sorry for the late reply.
@lmurphy gave you the solution already but just as an additional explanation…
If the macro recorder gives you only the method name in the run(""); command this is most likely because you started the function but then cancelled it instead of execution. Thus, any parameters cannot be recorded and your macro will rather pause and show you the standard dialog of the corresponding plugin, because it needs your input.
Hope that prevents some future issues :smile:

Thank you for the explanation.
Let´s hope I can remember this next time I run into similar issues.