Usage of parent pom.xml files

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I tried to read and understand how parent pom.xml files are used but so far I was not very successful.

As far as I understand there exist several parent pom.xml files, depending on the organisation taking care of it, i.e. pom-imagej, pom-fiji, pom-imglib2 etc (like listed at ImageJ’s Architecture website). I could not figure out where to put one of these pom-xxx.xml files to use it as parent pom.

I came to the conclusion that I do not have to take care of the parent pom file at all. I just have to refer to it in my local pom.xml file in the section . The instruction “Update your parent pom” (from could just mean that the version number should be adjusted to reflect the lastest available version on Github.

Is that correct?

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Exactly. Just reference it at the top of your own pom.xml. No need to download or install anything—Maven does that for you.

Dear Curtis,

thank you very much for your confirmation of my hypothesis. I will add this instantly to the documentation file I am working on for future reference for other researchers.

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As for determining available versions, there are two ways: 1) check the tags on GitHub (e.g., for pom-imagej); or 2) browse the ImageJ Maven repository (e.g., for pom-imagej). Note that the latter sorts the versions lexicographically rather than by version digit. Note that some IDEs also have a POM editor which provides a version autocompletion feature.