URL in user dialog

Hi All,

I was wondering whether it is possible in IJ2 to have a clickable URL inside the user dialog e.g. in a message parameter.
Ideally something handy like:

@Parameter(visibility = ItemVisibility.MESSAGE)
URL url = new URL("https://https://forum.image.sc/")

or similar?


I am not familiar with script parameters but, from the documentation, it looks like you can use HTML. I gave this a try but it seems to not be clickable.

#@ String (required=false, visibility=MESSAGE, value="<html>Click <a href=\"https://forum.image.sc\">here</a> to access the help forums.</html>") url

Here’s an issue tracking this:

and also this forum discussion started by @LThomas:

I started working on it once on the swing-message-widget branch:

… but as far as I remember, it wasn’t functional yet. Unfortunately I don’t remember any details, and nobody else in the community picked it up.

That’s a nice idea as well. Maybe someone can implement a URLWidget like that.

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