URL dead? https://imagej.net/Special:ChangeUploadPassword

Hi, there was a similar question in the Fiji forum without response, so therefore here again:

The URL to change/reset passwords for the plugin site seems to be dead.

Is there a work-around?

Hi @J.Hohlbein,

I’m not sure how to change your uploaders password - @frauzufall or @ctrueden probably would know.

Why the link is dead - I’m pretty sure this is a consequence of the website migration that’s currently going on:

That link points to a mediawiki specific thing, and the new website won’t be a media-wiki, which is why that page doesn’t exist (I think).


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Right now, only admins can change people’s upload passwords. I’ve been initializing new users with random strong passwords. Tangentially: I strongly recommend using a password management tool (e.g. lastpass.com) to keep track of your passwords.


This topic is relevant here:

Until we have some new tools in place, we can also field requests to reset your uploader password (to a random strong password, which we’d then PM to you).


Thanks! Found the pwd and just uploaded a new plugin to the plugin site.

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