Urgently needed: additional settings for groupMovieFrames



For automated analysis of my images, I need more options for the groupMovieFrames module.
I will have stacks that look either like this:


but with different numbers of repeats or like this:


also with different numbers of repeats.
It would be necessary to tell groupMovieFrames the number of channels and the arrangement (intercalated or serial) and have the module calculate the subdivision from the amount of frames and the number of channels. It is not possible for me to always have the same amount of frames/stack.

Is there a chance this will be possible in an update?



Hi Daniela,

Yes, I think we can add this in the next update. Not having the same number of frames will mean that CellProfiler may have to read information about every image at the start of the pipeline, to find the total number, but that shouldn’t be prohibitive.

I forget, are you using the developer’s version, or the compiled version of CellProfiler?