Urgent help needed loads colour image as grayscale

Hi my cellprofiler is loading a colour image as a grayscale one.

I’ve tried saving it in a few different formats.

Any ideas? I have a deadline coming up very soon and really need these images to load.

Hi Peter,

I’m observing this behavior as well, in both our release and development code. Is this PNG the original image? Or did you convert it from another format? If the latter, could you post the same image in the original format?


I have a few massive images and was hoping to break them into smaller images for processing so I used photoshop slice to cut the image into 9 segments.

You can’t save as tifs so had to save as pngs.

Also the only way you can save slices in photoshop is using the save for web - not sure if this is the problem.

I’m on a tight deadline so just manually cropping the images and saving as tifs which work fine.

Really need a program that can automatically cut a single image into 9 smaller ones and not change the image format.

The originally tiffs (when cropped as they are 9000x9000) pixels load fine.

Must be something photoshop does to the files.

It might be; check out this page.

Would you be able to disable the color management, and try again?