[Urgent] Core Maven dependency renjin missing

Hi there,

It appears that yesterday (July 31) the renjin-script-engine jar was removed from the imagej.public repository (https://maven.scijava.org/content/repositories/public/org/renjin/renjin-script-engine/).

This has caused our Maven builds (both on Travis and locally) to start failing, which is blocking development. Is there an estimate on when this will be fixed?

Many thanks,
Joon-Ho Son

The Renjin artifacts come from the BeDataDriven public repository group at https://nexus.bedatadriven.com/content/groups/public/. However, that repository disallows browsing. The SciJava Maven repository’s public group includes BeDataDriven, but recently it was auto-blocked due to (I believe) the fact that it cannot be browsed. I disabled the autoblocking feature for BeDataDriven, reenabled the repository, and now your builds should work again @sonjoonho. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Make sure to pass the -U flag to mvn to force your build to check the remote again—or on Travis, clear the build cache before triggering a rebuild.