Upstarting error

Everytime I open imagej I get this error.

Everything works fine though. Any thoughts on how I get the program to stop doing this? It is rather annoying.

You have two different versions of the same Bioformats plugin in your Java classpath.

Please control that you don’t have two versions of the same *.jar in your classpath.
Probably you can delete the older *jar (make a backup) from the plugins location (see first line).

How do I get to the java classpath code?

Open the path to the plugins folder (first error) in the folder where you apparenty have two jars (bio-formats_plugins-xxxx.jar) with different versions.

You have to delete one *.jar (before make a backup of it to have the chance to restore it).

Then restart.

To understand what a *.jar is read:

alright. I deleted the newer version and the error dissapeared. Thx!