Upload SNT Tutorial Screencast to Fiji Youtube Channel

Hello, @tferr and I would like to upload a tutorial screencast for SNT to the Fiji youtube channel. We have been able to upload videos in the past but it seems the youtube channel has changed. How could we go about doing this?

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@LThomas We noticed that you recently uploaded a tutorial vid to the Fiji channel. Would you be willing to let us in on the secret? :wink:

Hi guys,
Sorry I did not notice your message, I should probably activate notifications for this section too.

The Fiji YouTube channel was turned into a “collaborative channel” recently. You can ask @ctrueden if he can give you access. Then with your existing YouTube account you will be able to post on the Fiji channel.


@arshadic We can add one or more Google accounts to the Fiji brand account as managers. Just let us know which ones.

@LThomas I added you as a co-owner, so you can also add new managers.

Use the power wisely! <(°.°)> :wink: