Upload a Python script into OMERO.insight

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to the OMERO, and I need to upload a Python script into OMERO.insight. I have already written a python script to stitch images and create a big mosaic out of smaller tiles. My problem is that when I upload my script into OMERO.insight I will receive an error regarding opencv Library which is used in my code and it is also really essential.

I really do not know if the script should have a different style for uploading into OMERO or not.
It would be greatly appreciated if you help me in this case.

Hi Pegah.
If your script uses additional libraries then they have to be installed in the server’s virtual enviroment too. The scripts use the same venv as the server.
On the server you have to do (in case of a mostly default server installation):

$VENV_SERVER/bin/pip install opencv-python

Then your script should work.

Kind Regards,