Updating version of Renjin supported in SciJava

Hi, This is very similar to the problem @twagner described in '17, except I’ve been replacing with v3.5b76. The motivation for the changed version is support for Renjin grDevices and ggplot2, etc (for plot types not support elsewhere). It is working well in a plugin of mine-slow vs JFreeChart but quick enough.

As suggest by @ctrueden in the above mentioned post, I looked at the pom @ scijava/ scripting-renjin to submit a PR, but it wasn’t clear to me where to update the version. Assistance with the best path forward would be appreciated. Thanks.

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@winfrees Updating the version of Renjin in SciJava et al. would be great. Did you try changing the version constant here? It’s just updating the <renjin-script.version> value. Does the code still build with passing tests? Does all your Renjin-related code still work? Do you think we have enough unit tests to cover it?

@akbertram Does Renjin in the meantime supports a custom plot device as availabe in JavaGD?

I quite wonder that ggplot should be slow if it is an image rendering only.

If I plot with Rserve (e.g., as image) it is quite fast. Definitely faster as a R plot device with a scalabe canvas.

If I plot with the default R device (Java stream without Rserve) it is much slower (certainly caused by the scalable vector rendering).

It would be awesome if the version would be updated and extensions such as ggplot2 be included or easily addable.