Updating scifio tests

Dear scifio experts (@imagejan @ctrueden),

I’m finally going to try to contribute to scifio.
First goals are to deal with a couple of issues I’ve raised.

My question: I noticed that the nrrd test is not runnable now:

Disable tests until remote test file is in place.

What is the process for adding test images of a given format? I’m happy to contribute some.

Thanks as always

We haven’t established a procedure yet, but how about this:

  1. Prepare a PR updating https://scif.io/images/ (i.e. edit the index.html and add a thumbnail to this folder), assuming the full-size image will be hosted at samples.scif.io.

  2. In the PR, include a cloud sharing link to the image itself, so that I can access it and upload it to samples.scif.io.

  3. In the PR, include a statement disclaiming copyright and donating the image to the public domain.

About NRRD specifically: @gab1one might already have made the NRRD sample. Gabriel, do you have it? If so, can you please share? Or should @bogovicj make a new one?