Updating OpenSPIM

Hi all,

We have the OpenSPIM package from the website OpenSPIM20150427. But i think there might be newer versions on the update site but when i go there in a browser I’m not sure what i need to download from there, there are lots of folders. For some reason trying to add the update site in FIJI doesn’t work as it says the URL is invalid. Was hoping to update the plugin through a FIJI update alone.

The reason i ask all this is that when i capture multi-angle data the files are labelled Angle0, Angle1 whereas i think the new convention is for the files to say Angle0, Angle45, Angle90 etc. Unless there is a way to change how the file name outputs?

Thanks for the help,


Sorry for the delay in reply, @matt_pearson. I am not formally responsible for supporting OpenSPIM, so my replies to openspim questions will be sporadic, but just to clarify: you should not download anything manually from an ImageJ update site. Just use Help › Update… to update. However, there have not really been any updates since 2015 for OpenSPIM, and since then the core update sites have moved on, so updating might break your installation right now. I’d recommend against it. The OpenSPIM bundle from 2015 should still work as-is without updates, right? If not, I can investigate; let me know.

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that.