Updating ImageJ-OMERO for OMERO 5.5 and 5.6

As I explained here, I did update ImageJ-OMERO to use OMERO 5.5 a while ago. The work was waiting on the release of pom-scijava 28.0.0, which is now complete. So I’ve now gone ahead and pushed the OMERO 5.5 update to the master branch:

I have also promoted the imagej-omero dev version number to 1.0.0-5.5-SNAPSHOT. Reasons:

  1. To my knowledge, no major new development is currently planned for imagej-omero. We have the functionality we have, and the plan is to maintain it as-is—updating to version 1.x conveys that intent to preserve backwards compatibility.
  2. The -5.5 suffix clarifies to which version of OMERO a given release of ImageJ-OMERO is bound.

If a future release of OMERO breaks imagej-omero’s API compatibility, we can bump the imagej-omero major version digit.

If bug-fixes are needed to imagej-omero for a particular release of OMERO, we can bump the patch or minor digit of imagej-omero while preserving the OMERO version suffix—e.g., 1.0.0-5.5 :arrow_right: 1.0.1-5.5 for bug-fixes, or 1.0.0-5.5 :arrow_right: 1.1.0-5.5 for backwards-compatible new features.

I did not yet cut the 1.0.0-5.5 release of imagej-omero, because the Travis CI build is failing:


The failure is caused by an issue with test.imagej.net. I’ll investigate soon. Next steps:

  • Restore the omero_test_infra_backup.zip resource
  • Ensure the Travis CI build passes, fixing any remaining issues
  • Cut the 1.0.0-5.5 release of imagej-omero
  • Update imagej-omero-legacy in a similar fashion and release it as well
  • Upload the releases to the OMERO-5.5 update site (functionally they are unlikely to be different than what’s already uploaded there, but good to have the official releases being served)
  • Add the OMERO-5.5 update site to the central list of ImageJ update sites
  • Try upgrading to OMERO 5.6.

@j.burel Is OMERO 5.6 backwards compatible with 5.5? I’m assuming not since it’s not a patch release? Should I go ahead and create a separate OMERO-5.6 update site once I get to that point, then?


OMERO.insight version is 5.5.9 and it is compatible with 5.5 and 5.6
So we should be fine with 5.5 update site.


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Hi @ctrueden
sorry to revive this thread!
I wanted to ask, is there is an update concerning to the release of ImageJ-OMERO 5.5 and 5.6 ?
We are in the process of upgrading our OMERO server (currently on 5.4), hence the question :slight_smile:
Thank you!

@CellKai I’m sorry, I don’t have an update on ImageJ-OMERO yet. I’ve been hammering on the new ImageJ wiki, which is nearing completion. The issue to watch is imagej/imagej-omero#107. I have added it to my list for next week, and hope to have news for you soon.


Hi @ctrueden , thank you very much for the prompt reply, the link to the issue, also for adding it your list!
Looking forward to the new ImageJ wiki as well then :slight_smile: