Updated Fiji and Java to 8.73 in W10 64and Fiji won't start

So far I have downloaded each program three times, and the “Fiji” appears but then will not start. I deleted Fiji and uninstalled Java twice, but same symptom at each stage. ImageJ 1.48 6 bit comes up and works fine. Should I go back to earlier Java, or Fiji? Fiji worked well in W10 64 until I hit the “update” button.

See this post for a probable workaround. Let me know if that doesn’t help.

Thank you for suggesting I look for the ,stub file. I searched and also looked by eye and the only stub file is MpSigStub in my Temp folder. Normal ImageJ continues to open normally and says it is running Java 1.6.0_20. Should I delete this version of Java (if I can find it?)

Fixed it! I realized that windows might be hiding files (not sure why it does that), so I googled how to un-hide them, and then was able to find the offending stub file in users/myname/local/temp. Darn. Anyway, it is now working. Thanks!

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Ah that’s fantastic! And a good point about the hidden files. I will add that to the original instructions, since the temp folder itself is also often in a hidden directory.

Anyway I did just upload what I hope is a permanent fix for this issue, so I do recommend updating one more time.

If you have any more problems please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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