Updated Eclipse ImageJ plugin released



I released a new version of the ImageJ plugin which comes bundled with a feature complete ImageJ macro editor.

For an overview of the plugin please consult the github page:

Release notes:

  • Updated to ImageJ plugin to version 1.51u54
  • Fixed lost keyboard focus on MacOSX
  • Improved preferences for Swing fonts (to decrease on Retina displays)
  • Several other fixes for MacOSX
  • Added a description for font corrections (see below!)

Screenshot (Windows, Eclipse Dark Theme):


To install the plugin the latest Eclipse Java version 4.7 (Oxygen) is required (I tested this plugin with 4.7.2). Open the Help->Install new Software dialog and add the following update site:


The plugin is also availabe from the Eclipse Marketplace Client:

Help->Eclipse Marketplaceā€¦ (search for ImageJ)

To fix the default font size on Eclipse (a matter of taste) I wrote a short summary on the Github page how to fix the font size (see https://github.com/Bio7/EclipseImageJ1Plugin - bottom page).



Updated the ImageJ plugin to version 1.52c12


  • Updated to ImageJ 1.52c (1.52c12)
  • Updated ImageJ2 libraries
  • Added recent macro API commands to code completion
  • Fixed some minor bugs (hoover offset, Linux awt dialogs etc.)