Update Z-Spacing Correction and have it managed through Jenkins/github

The Z-Spacing Correction jar is out of date and I would like to update it. I would like to connect the github repository to Jenkins and have added the Jenkins (Git plugin) service to the repository, as described on http://imagej.net/Fiji/Contribution_requirements. What do I need to do to connect the project to Jenkins?

Thank you


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Hey @hanslovsky,

I guess @ctrueden would be the right person to answer that question (although it might take a little time for him to answer).


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Thank you, @stelfrich, I will wait for his reply then.

@hanslovsky I created a Jenkins job for z-spacing. Since you added the Jenkins Git plugin to your GitHub repository, the job should trigger automatically whenever you push to master.

FYI, in the future, we will switch to Jenkins pipelines, which will make the configuration easier (just push a Jenkinsfile) for future new repositories. But the current scheme works fine for the time being.

Also, as an aside, it is weird that saalfeldlab/z-spacing is forked from hanslovsky/em-thickness-estimation. Note that I keyed the Jenkins job on saalfeldlab/z-spacing. I think it would be best for the official (root) repository to live in saalfeldlab rather than hanslovsky.

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Thank you @ctrueden. The fork is detached, and saalfeldlab/z-spacing is the root repository now.

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Awesome, thanks! :grinning: