Update wiki Headless Jython



I was trying to run on a windows machine the jython example code for Headless mode from the wiki

#@String name1
#@String name2
print('Hello ' + name1 + " and " + name2)

with the command
ImageJ-win64.exe --ij2 --headless --console --run PathToScript/hello.py 'name1="Mr",name2="Mrs Kraken"'

but it did not work, either I had :

  • [WARNING] Ignoring invalid argument: --run
    I fixed this one by enclosing the path to my script in double quotes “Path.script.py” (single ones do not work)

  • [ERROR] Ignoring extraneous argument: org.scijava.parse.DefaultParseService$ItemsList$1@6749fe50
    For this one I enclosed the full tuple in double quotes and the string parameters in single quotes

So that the working version was :
ImageJ-win64.exe --ij2 --headless --console --run "C:/Users/Laurent Thomas/Desktop/test_.py" "name1='Mr',name2='Mrs Kraken'"

There are many forum posts about the headless mode with different recommendations that can be confusing.
I would like to update the command from the wiki with :

  1. the --console argument otherwise we have no idea when the script execution fails

  2. the functionnal formatting above with the double/single quotes

Yet I am wondering if this is specific from the windows system, does the current command line from the wiki works on linux ? So that an additional version of the command for windows system should be added instead.

PS: I am using the native Command Line Prompt of windows