Update URL Not Found

When running Help > Check for Updates… in CellProfiler 2.1.2 (on Windows 7), I get the following message in the console window:

Exception fetching new version information from http://cellprofiler.org/CPupdate.html: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Is this a known issue? Should I download a new version and replace CellProfiler manually?

I also noticed that when clicking on the Bleeding edge versions link on the Downloads page, I get a 404 error as well:


Thanks for reporting.

  • The Check for Updates should be fixed now.
  • The trunk_build link is still broken, since we have moved where we are hosting cellprofiler.org. I’ll post back here when that gets updated.
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@imagejan @David_Logan The Bleeding edge versions should be up and running now.

Well, the Bleeding Edge link is now pointing to ostensibly the right place, but the cgi script for trunk builds is not working (and nor will it on our new site, afaik). I can look into a fix tomorrow.

Note that the trunk builds are now Nightlies here: http://cellprofiler.org/releases/ (some links are non-existent yet, but getting there…)

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