Update to OMERO breaks the Info pane in OMERO.figure


Last night our OMERO server was updated to It appears that something broke the Info pane of OMERO.figure. Any suggestions on how to diagnose and fix this?


Hi Jay,
First idea is to open the dev console: Right-click anywhere -> Inspect Element to show the dev tools. Then open the Console tab. This will show any obvious JavaScript errors.
Do you see this only with new images added to a new figure, or are figure you previously created also broken?

Also, what was your previous OMERO version? The 5.4.10 release was for clients only (no server changes https://www.openmicroscopy.org/2019/01/24/omero-5-4-10.html) so I’m wondering if it’s the upgrade step itself rather than the code changes that are causing the problem.