Update Sites with update sites

I’m interested if anyone has any recommendations to rig up you update site so that it automatically installs other update sites in FIJI.

For context, I manage a few update sites that serve as a “plug and play” FIJI option for our microscope users who are more interested in visualizing and analyzing their data, and less interested in the nuts and bolts and latest additions to FIJI (something I love to do). Most of what I do is make commonly available tools/commands accessible in the GUI, especially the deep buried ones (scale bars, series labeler, z projections, etc). But i’d love to be able to have a single update site that will automatically tick the boxes to install FIJI-legacy, bioformats, clij and 3Dscript, bigstitcher, etc, that we end up using
a lot for our microscopes

Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? Adding the .jar files to my own update site creates conflicts when machines have some packages already installed.

Sorry in advance if this is unclear.