Update Sites UI needs a search field by plugin name

It is kind of hard to discover which update sites provide which plugins. A search at the top of the table for Update Sites could filter the contents of the table to only those update sites with matching text, which ideally would be the name of the plugin or the name of a java class included in the update site jars.


That’s a great suggestion. Would you care to open an issue here to track this:

Do you have a specific idea how plugin names can be parsed within jar files in order to make them accessible via search? Maybe we’d have to save some name mapping information in the db.xml.gz file for each update site?

I think it would be quite some effort to achieve this, and the long-term goal IIUC is to switch to some other, more robust update mechanism with proper inter-plugin dependency handling in the future, so I’m not sure it’s worth investing the effort in this enhancement, given the limited developer resources and currently more urgent priorities…

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Hi @imagejan,

Unzipping jar files in memory, or rather, listing their contents, to extract class names that contain an underscore, is doable. I’d extract all non-anonymous class file names anyway for filtering, so that libraries could be inspected in the same way. An iterative piece of code to do this is not hard (I’ve written one: 65 lines long in java [about 15 near the top are the relevant code], https://github.com/trakem2/TrakEM2/blob/master/TrakEM2_/src/main/java/ini/trakem2/Project.java#L129 ). Adapting mine would not be much work. I am not familiar with the db.xml.gz, but it’s unlikely to contain the sought-after info. So I’d do the search on the jar files directly.

As for priorities: the updater has usability issues because of size. This change would not take much to do, if one is already acquainted with all the arcana of maven.

See issue #62 for the updater at https://github.com/imagej/imagej-updater/issues/62