Update site upload permissions

Gitter crosspost:

Could an imagej.net admin please grant uploading permissions on https://sites.imagej.net/BoneJ/ to my wiki username (Mdoube).


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Done, you should be all good now


Hey @turekg,

I hope you’re fine :slight_smile:

May I also get a new update site “IJMMD” where user Haesleinhuepf has write access?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks! Should we direct all requests like this to this thread?

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Anyone can post their own thread asking for an update site… those of us with permissions (Group update site request) can take care of it… so you can always ping us directly too.

@haesleinhuepf I’m on it. UPDATE: you are all set.

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Works like a charm. Thank you @etadobson! :slight_smile:

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