Update Site Request

Would it be possible to get an update site called “Dynamic_Kymograph” with permission for my account “rudyzhou”, @ctrueden ?

Thanks in advance.


I can take care of this for you… will get to it after lunch and update the status here.



You should be all set. The update site name is: DynamicKymograph. Just let me know if all is well.


Sorry for the delay. Thank you! The update site is up.

However, I am unable to upload my plugin to the DynamicKypograph update site. I follow the instructions on the Wiki to set up and populate an update site, but when I try to upload my plugin, I receive the error:

“User rudyzhou lacks upload permissions for http://sites.imagej.net/DynamicKymograph/ or the password is incorrect.”

I have tried inputting no password or my wiki password, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The upload password is separate from the wiki password, and needs to be initialized before first using your account to upload any files.

You can initialize and change your upload password here:

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Thank you for the suggestion - I have initialized my upload password and tried inputting it, but I receive the same error.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am not uploading to my personal update site, but rather one created for a specific plugin.