Update site problems

Dear all.

I try to upload plugin to my update site

However, I don’t see it in the menu.
I am using a clean IJ2 installation.

best regards,


Hi Dimiter,

I don’t see scale.jar on http://sites.imagej.net/Dimiterpp/plugins/. Did you get any error messages while uploading?

Apart from that, is your plugin an IJ2 command or an ImageJ 1.x plugin? In the latter case, there should be a plugins.config file inside the jar file for the plugin to appear in the menu. (Alternatively, the plugin will also be picked up if the jar file name contains an underscore.)

No error messages. Only the choice which I showed. I installed a clean copy yesterday and updated; so the problem concerns the latest version.

The issue is that I can’t upload to my update site. I am given only the option to upload to the main IJ2 repo, which of course I don’t intend to.

See the uploading guide. The uploader will only allow you to upload to sites after you have set credentials (i.e., specify a wiki account in the “Host” column)


I updated my webdav account.
Now there is another issue. I am asked for login credentials multiple times but I can’t log in.

Did you set the password for your update site using this page? Note that your personal update site’s password is (unfortunately, for technical reasons) not necessarily the same as your wiki account password, even though they share the same username.