Update Site for Fiji and Plugins


Apparently, Fiji update site is down, and plugin download is down.
Although, How can I aquire the jar file of Labkit for image annotation for Deep Learning?
Appreicate the help.


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Hey @Khaleel,

yes, there are some technical difficulties at the moment. The labkit update site itself is available:

Thus, you can download the most recent versions of all the jar files in there. Please remove the number by the end of the filename and then put these jar-files in the /jars/ subdirectory of your Fiji installation. I put Labkit developer @maarzt in CC, just in case I forgot to explain a step.

Let us know if this works and thanks for your patience!


Hey @haesleinhuepf,
I hope things get fixed quickly.
I appreciate the quick response. I have done as you suggested. Yet, I still don’t see it in the plugin drop down menu. Maybe it is under a different name than labkit?

Thank you

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You should find it there:

It is indeed there. yet throws these errors.
What could be the error? I have weka installed.

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Could you please check which imglib2-trainable-segmentation.jar exists in your Fijis jars folder?

Oh, it is not there. Which one should I download, or the ones that are in the labkit website?

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it worked, Thank you a lot for your help!!
I hope things workout soon!

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