Update personal update site from command line



I would like to update my update site from command line.

I found this option:

fiji.exe --update upload-complete-site --force-shadow "$UPDATE_SITE_NAME"

Is this command sufficient to upload all files of my update site?

Screwed up my update site

Hi @Christian_Tischer,

I’m not 100%ly sure about this command line in particular, but I remember a fruitful discussion with @ct_rueden and others, because I also wanted to command-line updates. Behind this link there are some bash files linked which make updates via command line possible:

Furthermore, I remember it was tricky to make the upload work. The issue was: you need to download updates first, close Imagej and then, you can upload new Jar files to update sites. That’s why the bash scripts call Imagej several times…

I hope that helps!



Addendum: @imagejan also added a nice hint: How to deliver plugins to users? Update site mechanism