Update on Olympus BX63 Support for Micro-Manager?


I am currently using an Olympus FV 3000 Upright Microscope (BX63) and was wondering if Micro-Manager can support this type of driver? The website states that it supports BX61 or IX83 motorized microscopes, and the latest comments I could find on Micro-Manager support of BX63 were in 2014. Has there been any update since then? Would this be possible in the future? My team is interested in using Micro-Manager for our microscope.


Hi Chris,

Certainly possible, but someone will need to write a device adapter for the BX63 (or modify the existing ones). It would be best if that someone were Olympus. It is always best to ask for Micro-Manager support pre-purchase. If a company hears that question enough (from their sales people), they will take it seriously.

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