Update ImageJ in Fiji



Hi, ImageJ in Fiji is now 4 months and two version behind the current version (1.51n from May instead of 1.51q from September). Would it be possible to update this? I know it’s possible to manually update ImageJ within Fiji, but it would be cleaner to get it via the Fiji updater.



Now three versions behind (1.51r is out)


You can update manually Help => update ImageJ

But you are asking a good question,

Why do we have this gap between ImageJ and Fiji Version while it was usually synced ?



Because currently, uploading ij.jar to the ImageJ update site is triggered manually, usually by @ctrueden when making component releases of SciJava, ImageJ etc.


OK thanks,
Take you time guys, you are doing an amazing job.


It is supposed to be automatic, via the Upload-IJ1-Into-ImageJ Jenkins job, but unfortunately, that job hasn’t been doing its job, for reasons I haven’t had time to investigate. So yeah, I’ve been updating manually every so often.

I have to rebuild the IJ1 deployment pipeline anyway as part of our effort to retire ImageJ Jenkins, so hopefully we can fix the issue in the course of that work.


Now 4 versions (1.51s is out)


TL;DR: Fixed now. Thanks for spurring me to action.

Long version: I looked into uploading a new ImageJ 1.x manually, and discovered the problem: ij-1.51n.jar was somehow erroneously uploaded to the Java-8 update site, so it was taking precedence over the newer versions of ImageJ 1.x which were successfully building and uploading to the core ImageJ update site.

I removed the ij-1.51n.jar override from the Java-8 update site, and added this weird version (different than another build of 1.51n on the ImageJ update site!) to the ImageJ core update site’s history.

Hopefully, this will result in ImageJ 1.x being automatically updated from now on again, too.


Thanks a lot @ctrueden!