Unstitched images on Fiji

hello all, I am sort of a novice when it comes to using ImageJ Fiji. I trying to import some unstitched czi files onto imagej. The images have 14 tiles (7x2) When i import them this is what i see (pic1). In order to stitch them in image j i know i need to see each individual tile but i only see these 4 images. When i open one of the images it is clear that they are unstitched (pic2). I am a mac user and my PC user counterpart has no trouble seeing each of the tiles as a separate image (pic3). wondering is there is some setting that controls this that i am unaware of. Thankful for any help!!!

Pic 1:


pic 3:


Are you using Bio-Formats as your colleague? Here is the page on Stitching on the ImageJ wiki: https://imagej.net/Image_Stitching … have you tried using Grid/Collection Stitching yet?