Unknown Immersion or Correction Value null will be stored as other

Good day all.
When I run FIJI and open an image, I get a console log that comes up and says [WARN] Unknown Correction Value null will be stored as other
[WARN} Unknown Immersion Value null will be stored as other

The program will then freeze and cannot be force quit. I have to turn off the Mac OS 10.14.4 in order to get the program running again. I reinstalled it less than a month ago and it is back to doing this. I have java 8 Update 211.

Any input about this issue?

NIH/NCI Frederick Desktop Support

Dear @sharpedgewv

That Warning message is a sign that Bioformats was parsing some information about whatever file you were opening, and did not manage to store the Immersion value. It is of no consequence.

If I had to guess, what freezes your machine happens after this, while BioFormats tries to actually open your image. Is it particularly large, or somewhere on a server where it would take time to load?

Perhaps you could provide us with some information about the file you are trying to open.



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@sharpedgewv As a starting point, please check out the “If ImageJ freezes or hangs” section of the Troubleshooting guide:

The information there describes ways of generating stack traces, which can be useful to understand where the program is getting hung up.

However, your situation is more unusual: the fact that Fiji cannot be force quit is a bad sign. Usually that is a sign of some hardware issue. I agree with @oburri that I/O may be the culprit here. Is it possible your hard drive is going bad? Or you are reading over a slow network drive? How long did you try leaving the machine alone before restarting? If the data is large, try leaving it for at least 10 minutes.

Are you saying it was misbehaving one month ago? Then you reinstalled, and things got better, and now it’s misbehaving again? Again, to me this sounds like a hardware issue. Have you tried the same data on a different computer?