Unfilled Holes in IdPrimObj

I’m having a problem with holes in the objects CP has identified. I have checked fill holes, but this does not seem to change anything. Please see attached image. I assume the hole is not filled because there is a smaller object inside the hole of the larger. Is there anyway I can override this to form one, larger object?


Hi Mike,

Yes, the reason it is not filled must be that the hole touches two objects. Can you filter the inner object with a lower bound size criterion (“Typical diameter…”) in IdentifyPrimaryObjects?

If not, you could try ReassignObjectNumbers if the inner and outer objects always are near each other and then add an IdentifySecondaryObjects (with Fill holes checked) as a hack for what you wanted to accomplish with IDPrimary.


Restricting the lower bound of the diameter range has been working well. I will give your second suggestion a try if I run into trouble. Thanks for the help.