Understanding Texture Measurement Parameters


I’m trying to extract mitochondrial texture data from my images and have a question regarding my exported data.

In my pipeline I’ve set the texture scale to its default value of 3. My output data is in the following format for each of the 13 extracted measurements:


Could someone please clarify what the (_00), (_01),(_02) and (_03) refer to?

Thank you for your time!!

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Hello Cy5,

I had the very same problem and my Colleague suggested that it can be related to the direction in which the scale is applied. For instance, 3 pixels to the right, left, up and down. However, I do not know in which order it could be nor if it’s really it :confused:

I also found some info here http://murphylab.web.cmu.edu/publications/boland/boland_node26.html
" Since adjacency can be defined to occur in each of four directions in a 2D, square pixel image (horizontal, vertical, left and right diagonals, four such matrices can be calculated." At the end they also suggest averaging the four values.
I know that the post is old but hope it can help someone.


Hi Natalia!

thank you so much for the information. This is indeed helpful information. I will follow up on it and update the thread if indeed I find something.