Uncrecoverable error in ExportToSpreadsheet



I am facing an error message

How could I solve it ?
thank you in advance


Hi martin-Berryer
You can just export it as a text Image which can be imported by any spreadsheet program.


Hi smithrobertj,
Thank you for your answer
Sorry for this dumb question
How could I export it as a text image?
thank you


It might be that you need to check your RelateObjects modules and how they’re naming the output objects. If they’re all called “RelateObjects”, which is the default, then you will get an error.
Alternatively, checking “Yes” under “Select the measurements to export” and checking that the one causing the error isn’t selected might also solve your problem.
Hope this helps


Unfortunately it does not
Made sure to label correctly my relate object output
Moreover the measurement causing the error is the one I need
Any other suggestions ?


Hello Martin-Berryer,

  1. Copy your data 2) Open Notepad and paste it. Then you can either open it directly in Excell or use ImageJ/ Fiji to see what it looks like as an image .


Hey Martin,

This is a bug in RelateObjects- for now, you can’t measure object sets that come from RelateObjects. We’re working to fix it, but in the meantime

  • You can just move the RelateObjects modules after the measurements, if you’re fine with measuring all objects

  • If you absolutely need to only be measuring objects only that are inside other objects, I’d suggest instead using MaskObjects to pick out only the objects you care about instead of RelateObjects, which will get you the object set you want.

Sorry for the inconvenience!