Uncertainty in Mean Gray Values

Hi there!
I am a new user of ImageJ and I am using this software for my internal assessment. So I am doing my IA on luminol and basically what I did was pouring luminol with the catalyst and took a video of it. Then I took still-pictures from my video for every 2 seconds after the luminol starts to emit light. Then I analyze the picture using ImageJ to find the pixel intensity/mean gray values. I was told to include uncertainties for my raw data and processed data to then calculate the percent error but I don’t know if ImageJ has it. (e.g. uncertainties for volume is the beaker used). Can any of you help me?

Dear @midkxo,

ImageJ reports on the standard deviation of pixel intensities (see Set Measurements…).

That, however, might not be the uncertainties you are talking about. Did you do multiple measurements to get “biological replicates” from which you can somehow quantify “uncertainty”? But that’s more on the data analysis side and should not necessarily be done with ImageJ.