Unable to save Images with numbering

Hello I have a Track objects module which will track my objects in terms of color and number those. Then I export them to a spreadsheet and I have the object number correlated to the tracking of the objects. When I run Test mode, I am able to see these images with the numbers, when running the pipeline, however, the images only save with the colors really tiny numbers, and not the larger numbers seen before. How do I get it to save the numbers as well?

I uploaded the test mode image that it is outputting and the saved file it outputs as well as the pipeline itself.

Any help it appreciated thank you

Test 2 not ready.cpproj (423.6 KB)

Have you tried the SaveDataOnImage module? It might not solve your problem - I don’t remember if it only allows measurements to be placed on the image or object numbers, which is what you want.

Hi @Superduckk,

In your track module there is option “Save color-coded image”. Click yes to that option & it would suggest the image name as shown in the screenshot below. That resulting image you could save using the “SaveImages” module.
The other way to do is to use “DisplayDataOnImages” . You can choose the label from the tracked measurement & save the resulting image using “SaveImages” module.

Hope this helps!!

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Which module is that I couldn’t find it within the pipeline sets?

The module mentioned above - DisplayDataOnImage - can be found under the “Data Tools” section in the modules pane. You can then use SaveImages to export the resulting image.