Unable to run the volume fraction plugin within Bonej

Hi all. I am using FIJI to analyse some DICOM images of Soil. I have been trying to run the volume fraction included on Bonej plugin but unable to do it so with a error dialogue box stating that I need to install Java 3D library for that or simply install and run 3D viewer. I already have a 3D viewer which is working fine. What might be the problem?


Which version of BoneJ and ImageJ are you using?

image J is version 1.52p, Bonej is the latest version 1.4.3. Java version 1.8

How did you install BoneJ?

I just dragged the BoneJ jar file from the BONEJ website.

BoneJ1 works only in ImageJ1 (or old versions of Fiji), and seems to be reliable only on Linux these days.

If you need to use an up to date Fiji, then delete BoneJ_.jar from your Fiji directory (it will be in jars or plugins or similar) and install BoneJ2.

Thank you so much. I tried installing older version of FIJI as per your comment in some other topics and could use BoneJ there.