Unable to run purify, EF, Tb.Th, Tb.Sp on human trabecular bone samples

Hi there, you have been very helpful in the past when I needed to learn how to use ellipsoid factor, thank you. My previous projects have involved small little tiny primate bones and now that I’m doing a similar thing with human sections of bones it’s taking a lot longer and some I can’t even get a measurement. I imagine this is due to the samples being a lot bigger (human mandibular condyle compared to that of a strepsirrhine primate) and I just plain cannot get measurements because the program ends up saying it’s out of memory. Also I’m getting vastly different connectivity is ranging from 1 to like 70 on similar samples from different individuals, and often negative Conn.D. Then, it will not let me purify. I tried increasing the memory but Fiji/Image J can only use a certain amount of memory so it doesn’t help.
I’m using Fiji with Java 6. Any advice?

Thank you.