Unable to run BoneJ

Operating system: win10
Version: Fiji Java 6, BoneJ2

Expected behaviour: any module under Bonej would be able to run

Actual behaviour:

console error:

Additional Notes:
I followed the instruction to allow Fiji-Legacy and then installed BoneJ experimental. I also restarted Fiji afterwards. Seemed like someone else had a problem with this earlier this year (https://www.researchgate.net/post/Error_message_in_use_of_BoneJ). Just wondering if I am doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance!

Resolved this issue by deleting the .zip file and restarting again.

I made sure that I load my file into imagej first (8-bit binary mask). If you are working with python and nifiti images, this means thresholding your .nii file and assigning the data type int8.

I am glad to locate your recognized method for composing the code.