Unable to open Tiff files

Dear all,

I am trying to open the tiff file attached. It is a gray scale 32 bit image of 226MB. However, I cannot open it with the ways I searched about this software. TIFF virtual stack does not open it and even after installing Bio Format Plugin, I get an error saying Sorry there was a problem during import. I can open it in GIS software though. Any idea how I can open it with ImageJ? Thanks


I had a problem because ImageJ could not open it due to the tiff file saved by G4 compression.
ImageJ have TIFF opener, but it can not open G4 compression type.
So, I am using the following library to open the file.
https://github.com/geosolutions-it/imageio-ext *for GIS image
Because it is a part of the plug-in being created, I can try to open your file on my plugin, but I can not give it.