Unable to open regular expression windown

I have attempted to open the regular expression dialog window using the magnifying glass. It has not been functional since download. I also deleted, downloaded, and re-installed in attempt to resolve the issue. I have attached the message from cellprofiler for your review. Please assist.


Robin M Kamucheka

Hi @RKamucheka,

Could you confirm which OS version you’re running this on and which CellProfiler version you’re installing (packaged or built from source)? Also, did you install CellProfiler to the same drive as your OS installation?


I’m running on Windows 10 Pro. I am using CellProfiler 3.1.9 downloaded (packaged) from cellprofiler.org. How would I check on if the installation took place on the same drive?



By default CellProfiler should install to C:\Program Files (x86)\CellProfiler. If you didn’t specify otherwise during installation then that shouldn’t be the issue.

It looks like there’s some sort of issue with CellProfiler finding system fonts, would you be able to check that your Windows language settings are compatible, as described in this tutorial?

I confirmed that all the settings on my computer were the settings represented in the tutorial.

I’ve looked into this a bit more and it does appear to be a system issue with Windows rather than a CellProfiler-specific problem. Did you change any of the default system fonts?

It may also be worth trying an older release of CellProfiler just in case.