Unable to open project/Create Link

This may be a silly question but I tried to run a batch process and the software crashed :frowning:.

I then tried to reopen my project and now I am getting the following error. I have not moved the files and they are available in the highlighted directory.

When I go to selection the image I get the following:


Thank you for your help


Hi @zoescho,

welcome to the image.sc forum!!

The issue with ilastik you’re having is a current a bug I’m afraid. We’ll put out a new release in the coming days. I’ll post here when it’s available. You’ll be able to use your project again then.

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Thank you very much for you reply. I look forward to the update.

Hi @zoescho,

we’ve released version 1.3.3post3, available for download at the usual place. With this version your issue should disappear.

Wohooo thank you! I shall keep you updated if there are anymore issues!! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!!

Kind Regards


Hello @k-dominik,

It worked perfectly until it crashed again after trying to run a batch process and when I tried to reopen project I now get this error…

Is there something I am doing wrong when trying to run a batch process?

I am running cell density counting, I have trained 6 images and it seems to be counting the unlabelled cells relatively accurately (need to check) but I am just getting to grips with the software.
I then run 10 images as a test and it crashes. :frowning:

Any clues?

Is it likely my computer isn’t powerful enough? If this is the case, I shall try run it on a more powerful computer… :slight_smile: Any advice is very much appreciated. I quite like Ilastik at the moment :smiley:

Kind Regards


Hi @zoescho,

thanks a lot for getting back so quickly! I’m really sorry you ran into a problem again.
Would you mind sharing the error log here? (You can find the log file in in your user home directory, so on Windows this should be C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\ilastik_log.txt. This will give us more insight in what’s happening. You can send us the file at team@ilastik.org .