Unable to open .lif files in ImageJ



Hi all,

I am having trouble opening .lif files in ImageJ. It used to work fine for me but lately some images simply do not open.
I get the error in the image attached saying that the file is not in a supported format. I have updated my ImageJ and also installed Bio-Formats plugin as I used to do before.

Very frustrating since it doesn’t seem to be a reported issue. Can anyone help/ point me in the right direction? I am working on a Mac running OS High Sierra v10.13.6

Thanks in advance


Good day,

just a very basic idea:
Did you try to change the file name to something more conventional, such as

If this isn’t the problem, please contact the BioFormats specialists.




Hi Herbie,

Thanks, I tried changing the file name to abc.lif and it still had an error.

I then tried to look for Bio-Formats so that I could manually try to open to the file which is when it told me about the Path Randomisation error in OS High Sierra.
I should’ve read the installation notes more closely.

The problem is now fixed but I’m attaching the bit about how to properly install ImageJ for those who might have similar issues.