Unable to open .lif files in ImageJ



Hi all,

I am having trouble opening .lif files in ImageJ. It used to work fine for me but lately some images simply do not open.
I get the error in the image attached saying that the file is not in a supported format. I have updated my ImageJ and also installed Bio-Formats plugin as I used to do before.

Very frustrating since it doesn’t seem to be a reported issue. Can anyone help/ point me in the right direction? I am working on a Mac running OS High Sierra v10.13.6

Thanks in advance


Good day,

just a very basic idea:
Did you try to change the file name to something more conventional, such as

If this isn’t the problem, please contact the BioFormats specialists.




Hi Herbie,

Thanks, I tried changing the file name to abc.lif and it still had an error.

I then tried to look for Bio-Formats so that I could manually try to open to the file which is when it told me about the Path Randomisation error in OS High Sierra.
I should’ve read the installation notes more closely.

The problem is now fixed but I’m attaching the bit about how to properly install ImageJ for those who might have similar issues.



Hi all,

I had exactly the same error message, for some .lif files only, not all of them.
So I am sharing my hypothesis about it as it is a different cause.

My config: Windows 7 Pro x64, software installed in C:/
After trying this:

  • ImageJ, freshly downloaded (v1.52a) then updated to v1.52k, java 1.8.0_112
  • ImageJ v1.52j
  • Fiji, freshly downloaded (v2.0.0-rc-69 / v1.52i), java 1.8.0_172
    (Tested Bio-Formats packages: 5.8.2 and freshly downloaded 5.9.2)

Then I remembered that all the .lif files were coming from a usb stick, that “passed away”.
So I believe that corrupted files would lead to this error message?

PS: My lif files have been already successfully opened in the past, but before being copied on the faulty usb stick.