Unable to open cpout files in FCS Express 5 Plus

When I attempt to open my cpout files generated in CellProfiler, I receive the FCS Express 5 Plus error messages:

Column for object count was not found in (file location).cptoc
The table of content could not be parsed in function TCellProfilerParser.Parse
Column for the mask file FileName_Cells was not found in (file location).cptoc

I have been using CellProfiler generated cpout files successfully in FCS Express for some time. The only thing I changed recently was adding a module to my normal pipeline (measure object neighbors). I am working with large images (about 30,000-40,000KB each), but CellProfiler says the image sets were processed successfully each time. Why am I suddenly having an issue with the cptoc files? Can anyone offer any suggestions for how to fix this issue?

Hi Aysasi,
The team over at De Novo Software would be happy to help you figure out why you are having some issues with your cpout/cptoc files with your new pipeline. Would you be able to write us at support@denovosoftware.com so we could give you a hand there?

Sean Burke - De Novo Software

Thanks Sean @flashpo1nt! Let us know if you found a solution, thanks.

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Hi Aysasi and David,
Just to follow up… We did some testing here at De Novo Software and could not find any problems when adding a MeasureObjectNeighbors Module to one of our standard pipelines/projects. Please find the attached testing data set in which there are 3 projects and 4 images…one project without the measure object neighbor module as a baseline, and two with measure objects neighbors, one that retains images and one that does not. In all cases we were able to export and open the resulting .cpout files in FCS Express without issue.
Aysasi - if you have a pipeline/project that you could upload here or send us at support@denovosoftware.com we would be happy to give you hand to find out what might be causing the problem.

MeasureObjectNeighborsTesting.zip (958.0 KB)