Unable to Load Pipeline

I am trying to load a set of pipelines that I believe were created on CP.1, but I am given a general error message of “Caught exception during operation” with a 3 specific errors. I attached a screen shot of the message. If you all could help I would really appreciate it!

Thank you

Could you post the .mat pipelines as well?

Hi Mark,
The pipelines are attached.

Thank you,
RAD51_GreenPIPE.mat (1.41 KB)
Cutoff2_RAD51_GreenPIPE.mat (1.25 KB)
Cutoff2_53BP1_RedPIPE.mat (1.24 KB)
Cutoff_RAD51_GreenPIPE.mat (1.24 KB)
Cutoff_53BP1_RedPIPE.mat (1.24 KB)
ColocalizationPIPE.mat (1.88 KB)
53BP1_RedPIPE.mat (1.37 KB)

Hi Frank,

It seems that your pipelines are quite a bit older than what we’re used to. I’ve gone ahead and converted them; they’re attached to this post.

Cutoff2_RAD51_GreenPIPE.cp (8.95 KB)
RAD51_GreenPIPE.cp (9.91 KB)
Cutoff2_53BP1_RedPIPE.cp (8.93 KB)
Cutoff_RAD51_GreenPIPE.cp (7.36 KB)
Cutoff_53BP1_RedPIPE.cp (7.35 KB)
ColocalizationPIPE.cp (15.3 KB)
53BP1_RedPIPE.cp (9.89 KB)

Thank you for all of your help Mark, it is very much appreciated.