Unable to import .tif images on iOS?

For some reason, when I attempt to import a stack of grayscale tif images on mac, the files are grayed out, and I am unable to select them. However on Windows I am able to import the same files just fine - does anyone know why this is?

On attempting to open the image sequence on mac:

Hi @Trabecula16

Open > Image Sequence… asks for a directory, which is probably why the images are grayed out. You should still be able to click Open and go further in the import.

If all you have in that folder are images, a neat shortcut is to drag and drop the folder onto Fiji.
It will be interpreted as you wanting to open the folder as a stack.

Ah my apologies - on windows it was a matter of simply selecting the first image of the stack, and I thought that’s what I had to do on mac.
That’s great, thank you very much!