Unable to import images-unrecognized metadata



I have some confocal images that are Z stacks in 3 channels as .lsm files. I order to analyze them I created MIPs in Image J and saved them as tifs.
However, when I attempt to load them into cell profiler it does not recognize that there are 3 channels.
I’ve tried several different ways of saving the file and when I open the files up in other software there are clearly 3 channels.

An example image is attached.


MAX_4T-1-23E-1.zip (1.1 MB)



I’m trying to download your images but the zip file is failing- can you re-upload or put them in Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc?


MAX_4T-1Par-3.zip (1.6 MB)
Sure here is a different file



CellProfiler seems to be recognizing the three channels in your file just fine- see below. Did you designate it as a color image in NamesAndTypes?