Unable to download OMERO.py.zip


To start with, I am very new to OMERO. I am trying to install OMERO to test its capabilities and ease of deployment, to be used in conjunction with ome-seadragon.

So far, I managed to install and run OMERO.server (with much difficulty), following the documentation on the OMERO website. Now I am trying to install OMERO.web.

Following the relevant documentation, at the step to “Install OMERO.web using OMERO.py”, I tried downloading OMERO.py.zip:

curl -o OMERO.py.zip -L https://downloads.openmicroscopy.org/latest/omero5/py.zip
unzip -q OMERO.py*

However, it seems like the download link is broken (The requested URL /omero/5.5.1/py.zip was not found on this server.). Has the download location changed?

If anyone can point me to a beginner-friendly start guide too, that would be immensely helpful!

Many thanks,

I solved the problem by changing the download link:

curl -o OMERO.py.zip -L https://downloads.openmicroscopy.org/latest/omero5.5/py.zip

@ym.lim many thanks for reporting this issue. The broken redirect has now been fixed and the redirect you used in your solution should remain functional.

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