Unable to connect to OMERO server using Python API

I have been attempting to connect to our server with the Python API following the instructions here:
When I run conn.connect() it returns False.

I have used netstat to check the ports are listening - they are - and I am able to connect using OMERO.insight. I would appreciate some suggestions to what I should check/try next.

Thank you in advance

Hmm… what platform are you trying to log in from? Also, can you show us a code snippet (eliding your password, of course)?

I’m trying to log in from Windows 10. I run the code within a conda environment:

>>> from omero.gateway import BlitzGateway
>>> conn = BlitzGateway('training01', 'password', host='camdu-test.warwick.ac.uk', port=4064)
>>> conn.connect()

which returns false.
The same details work when I log in using OMERO.insight.


Hi @Laura190
Please could you try the script and debugging suggestion from OMERO CLI import error

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Thank you @joshmoore and @manics for you help and directing me to this post, it solved the problem and I am now able to connect.