Unable to access the SE_MTF_2xNyquist plugin from within Python


I am trying to run the SE_MTF_2xNyquist plugin from within python 3.8 with the latest FIJI.
I can confirm that the plugin is working from within the ImageJ GUI (I’ve downloaded the placed it in the plugin folder).

I am also able to connect to ImageJ and run the Tubeness and the Biletaral Filter plugins just fine. But for some reason I am failing to run “SE MTF 2xNyquist” with the exact same calls that i used for the other plugins.

I am running -
ij.py.run_plugin(“SE MTF 2xNyquist”, None)

and I get -
Macro Error: Unrecognized command: “SE MTF 2xNyquist” in line 1

I also tried using ij.py.run_macro(“run(“SE MTF 2xNyquist”);”, None) with the exact same results.

Any idea why this plugin is not callable? Casing is correct.